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WiFi Applications
  • Light weight TurboTenna with Buffalo 125Mbps PCMCIA adapter
  • +12dBi high gain
  • Hotspot and wireless LAN seeker
  • Rogue SSID discovery
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Buffalo WLI-CB-G54S PCMCIA card
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The Wardriving package is intended for road warriors who drive around looking for hotspots and wireless networks. Most WiFi devices available in the market offer a gain of 15dBm (or 25mW), which could do a pretty good job if you are close to an access point nearby, but hardly capably of maintaining a wireless connection from blocks away or sometimes even just opposite the road.

The TurboTenna 007GT is a +12dBi directional antenna with a beam width of 30 degrees capable of picking up the WiFi signals from a remote spot. You may scan the signals by slowly changing the beaming direction until you capture the cluster of SSID with the strongest and stable signals. The lower diagram shows that 23 SSIDs were captured by the TurboTenna at channels 1, 4, 5 , 6, 10 and 11, an excellent accomplishment for a low-cost high performance antenna. The green SSID indicates a pretty good signal strength for stable connection; yellow gets a bit speed bump yet still stable; both orange and grey are borderline that needs a bit of steering to get a working connection.

If your Centrino laptop or PCMCIA adapter does not support an external antenna, don't worry! The Buffalo WLI-CB-G54S 54/ 125MHz* High Speed Mode PCMCIA card is one of the few in the market that does, and it works as good as the 802.11b Orinoco Gold card with a TurboTenna 007GT but runs faster on its 54/125MHz High Speed Mode.

The Wardriving package consists of a TurboTenna 007GT with a tripod, a Buffalo WLI-CB-G54S 802.11b/g PCMCIA card and a 6Ft LMR-100A RF cable. Other sizes and types of pigtails and RF cables are available. Setup is simple, you can install the Buffalo card to your laptop and connect to the TurboTenna 007GT using the RF cable. Some users told us that they brought the kit along wherever they travel, and it worked wonderfully whenever they need a wireless connection.

So, how does the TurboTenna 007GT different from a Yagi antenna? Why choose the TurboTenna for Wardriving?  Although both of them are directional antennas, the TurboTenna offers exceptional performance gain and signal-to-noise ratio, smaller in size, lighter in weight and affordable, which are important attributes for mobility. The Yagi, on the other hand, is intended for point-to-point wireless signal backhaul and fixed installation.


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