Driven by the latest NextG 820.11n High Speed USB Wi-Fi dongle with a built-in RF amplifier, this slim and handy USB-Yagi directional antenna delivers a remarkable horse power of 2200mW at a top speed of 300Mbps.

Unlike most Yagi antennae with long broom and numerous director elements, the design of the NextG USB-Yagi aims at reducing the overall length of the antenna and whilst exceeding the isotropic gain with a wide 56 deg HPBW (half power beam width) beaming aperture to pick up the Wi-Fi signal nearby and afar, blending the best of both worlds.

See the excellent antenna performance below.

It is also slim and light weight that you could carry it in a traveller bag.

From a technical standpoint, no antenna can be designed with purely trial and error, let alone the ones without calibration and tuning which turn out to make a hugh difference in performance.

We use computer aided design (CAD) to engineer the seamless integration of the BALUN (the antenna's driving element) and the USB dongle (radio), a critical differential advantage for matching the impedance in the light of maximizing the signal transmission and penetration without incurring power loss in coaxial cable.

The antenna is made of rigid metal frame and elements so that its geometry, particularly the driver loop element, stays intact against transportation or normal usage for peak performance

As a result, it instantly improves your computer's Wi-Fi reception capability beyond the built-in standard factory gears.

It works within minutes. Simpy plug in the USB2.0 cable of the NextG USB-Yagi antenna to the laptop or desktop PC followed by a few simple clicks for CD-ROM driver installation - There is absolutely no need to worry about the cable compatibility issue.

What's more? You could construct a High Power Universal Wi-Fi Repeater with the additional 11N USB-Omni AP/Repeater kit. Typical application is to pick up Wi-Fi signal from ashore and let other computers share the Internet simultaneously.

Here's how it works. Use the USB-Yagi to catch the remote signal and share it amongst the other Wi-Fi PC clients with the 11N USB-Omni AP/Repeater. It works with all brands of (remote) wireless router, including OPEN or secured WEP, WAP/WAP2 PSK AES TKIP and 802.1x RADIUS server such as BT Openzone and Free Wi-Fi. Detailed Universal Repeater setup manual is included in the 11N USB-Omni AP/Repeater kit.

Simply faster and more powerful!!



Yagi Antenna Back Plate

  • Signal booster
  • Installed at the back of Yagi
  • Focal point at the broom
  • Yagi directional gain increased
  • Yagi HPBW aperture narrowed


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Yagi Antenna Back Plate


This back plate enhances the signal gain by focusing the signal at the BALUN Loop element. It is mouted at the back of the 2200mW USB-Yagi TurboTenna.

The back plate is slightly folded in the middle of the rectangle to collect the electromagnetic radiation for the Yagi antenna.

The Yagi anetnna has one reflector, which is located behind the main driven element (the BALUN LOOP) on the side away from the direction of maximum sensitivity. In theory, further reflectors behind the first one add little to the performance. It was found that the reflecting back plate increased the overall gain by 4 ~ 5dB (x2.5 ~ x3.2 is not much but equally not insignificant) and also reduced the level of radiation or pick-up from behind the antenna in the backwards direction.

We are struggling whether we are going to offer such a back plate but in the end we have decided not to, primilarly because the incremental shipping weight and dimension of such a back plate increase the postage significantly. Yet anyone could make such a plate simply using kitchen foils and cardboard or Aluminium plate and be ready to experiment. Nevertheless we recckon that it adds fun in a personalized and practical way.